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Grey Lulu Comfy Women Classic Pant


Want to look fly but stay comfy all day? Peep the Lulu Comfy Classic Pants that’ll become your closet staple. These aren’t just any pants, they’re the real MVP that makes your days even cooler! 

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14 - 21 Apr, 2024


No-Fuss Waistband with Comfy Elastic Are you all about that hassle-free life? Same here, Sis! That’s why we designed the Lulu Comfy Classic Pants with a super stretchy elastic waistband. Whether you’re post-buffet or just chilling at a cafe, your waist is going to stay happy! 

  • Lush Premium Fabric We don’t skimp on quality. We’re talking high-quality polyester blend and rayon that’s smooth, breezy, and drapes like a dream. These pants are about to become your soulmate, come rain or shine.
  • Personalized Fit for That Body Goals Vibe No more saggy or tight mishaps. Lulu Comfy Classic Pants come in sizes that are just right for the Asian body type. We get your curves, Sis! 
  • Everyday Lifestyle? Totally! From online meetings to hangouts with friends, the Lulu Comfy Classic Pants are ready to join you. Super styleable, so you can stay comfy without sacrificing your style! 
  • Made by the Best Garment Maker in Indonesia, it is a Local product with global quality, folks! Produced by the finest garment makers in Indonesia, so don’t second-guess the stitching quality. It’s all about the fine details, right? 

Washing Instructions? Super Easy! 

    • Wash with cold water to keep the color looking sharp. 
    • Choose a gentle detergent, and steer clear of bleach to keep the fabric durable. 
    • No vigorous scrubbing, treat your pants gently, Sist! 
    • Air dry by hanging to keep the shape intact. 
    • Iron on low heat, so your pants are ready to slay daily!

Go ahead, and upgrade your style with the Lulu Comfy Classic Pants. They’re not just comfortable but will make you look fab every day. Get yours now and be the trendsetter in your squad!